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• Introduction •

Welcome to Espressione Artistica! Here you will find biographies, and pictures of famous artists, as well as their artworks. This is our second quarter project for Computer. Our group is composed of Josh Bier, Gian Galman, and Patrick Rabanal of 3-E.

• Layout •

Espressione Artistica is Italian for artistic expression. We chose this Italian phrase as a title because the layout features Mona Lisa, by the Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci. We chose Da Vinci's Mona Lisa because this is perhaps the most famous painting in the history of art. Even people who do not appreciate art recognize this woman with the enigmatic smile. Also, as you can see, Da Vinci himself can also be seen in this layout.

• Navigation •

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About - This page. What this site is about, etc.
Artists - Biographies of selected artists and their art.
Quizzes - Think you know your art? Test your mettle!
Credits - Group members and special thanks.

Notes: This site is best viewed with IE6 and on an 800x600 resolution. On Firefox, the custom scrollbar and tooltips will not appear. The images used for the layout were not compressed so as not to reduce its quality. It's stored on a CD anyway, so there would be no problems with loading.